New Releases

K G B - Activate ( Original Mix )

Florida Breakbeat/Orlando Breaks

Teknatronik, K G B - Smiley


Reactivation - Bizkit

This track is absolutely a party starter ! Lots of energy and electro breaks sure to be a hit !

K G B - Digital Theory ( Teknatronik Breakstart Remix )

Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Teknatronik, K G B - Break em to pieces

Overload - Decibel Nation

Drum and Bass - Decibel Nation

Teknatronik_K G B - Force of Habit

Melodic bass lines will have you melting away in satisfaction...

Pascal-S - Playground - Superflex Feat Floor Hansen (Radio Version)

Trance Music by Superflex

July - Barzek (Teknatronik Remix)

Empty Space - Teknatronik

Groove Bass, Deep Vibes!

Energy - Rogue Ai

Drum N Bass

Teknatronik - Tweetle ( K G B REMIX )

Teknatronik - Letcho Mind Go!

Teknatronik, K G B - Bangin' Our Breaks Mix 4

Control - Bizkit

Listen to the beats drop in this unique bass track that is sure to make your heart thump!

Tears of Technology - Technology (Teknatronik Midway Remix)

Breakbeat Remix

KGB - Bring That Beat - Teknatronik UG Mix