New Releases

Make a Change - Teknatronik

Get your dance on with this popular break trance vocal track that will burn into your heart and soul !

Refracture - Shadows - Teknatronik Remix

Old school vibe in this Electro Breaks banger!

Flat - Teknatronik

You will do anything but flatline to the awesome breaks in this slamming club track!

K G B - Digital Theory ( Original Mix )

Track by K G B; Digital Theory EP Breakbeat

Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Trance Mix)

New Orleans' Dan the Man's 2012 trance mix of Tears of Technology's epic tune "I Can Feel It".

Teknatronik - Heart - The End Remix

Dubstep Remix of Heart

Teknatronik - Letcho Mind Go!

Teknatronik - Moving Your Earballs


Teknatronik - Diggity ( K G B REMIX )

K G B - Activate ( Teknatronik Memories Remix )

Florida Breaks. Electro Breaks

Tears of Technology - Technology (Teknatronik Midway Remix)

Breakbeat Remix

K G B, Teknatronik - Dark Minds

Daniel Nova - Senta One - Teknatronik Remix

Teknatronik - Tweetle ( Original Mix )

K G B - Bring that Beat (Original Mix)

Pascal-S - Manic - Superflex Remix

Melodic Trance by Superflex

Bizkit - Collision