New Releases

Tiesto - Knock You Out Ft Emily Haines ( Teknatronik n Manti Breaks in a Day)

Breaks Remix

Teknatronik - Diggity (Original Mix)

K G B - Bring that Beat (Original Mix)

Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Teknatronik - Moon Visit

Teknatronik - Heart - Rogue Ai Remix

Drum and Bass Remix of Heart

Head Cold - Decibel Nation

Dubstep - Decibel Nation

Energy - Rogue Ai

Drum N Bass

Dj Self - YCSTU (Kryptek Remix)

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Brekbeat Mix)

This is the 2012 remastered version of "I Can Feel It". Solid breaks boom as a powerful epic melody is played in unison.

Teknatronik - Diggity ( K G B REMIX )

K G B, Teknatronik - That Rhythm


KGB - Bring That Beat - Teknatronik UG Mix

Transformer - Teknatronik

Breakbeat Trippy

Teknatronik - KGB -Waiting 4 U

This track is sure to get your heart thumping and your feet moving to the bass and breaks!

Refracture - Shadows - Teknatronik Remix

Old school vibe in this Electro Breaks banger!

Bizkit - Collision

Muzik Maker - Teknatronik

Breakbeat and Bass from Teknatronik