New Releases

Muzik Maker - Teknatronik

Breakbeat and Bass from Teknatronik

K G B - Check this out

Breakbeat Remix/Trance

Run Riot - Upon Your Enemy Ft Doll (Teknatronik I Love Miami Remix)

Florida Breaks/ Breaks

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Brekbeat Mix)

This is the 2012 remastered version of "I Can Feel It". Solid breaks boom as a powerful epic melody is played in unison.

Roller - Teknatronik

Some old school spice with some new school flavor !

Refracture - Shadows - Teknatronik Remix

Old school vibe in this Electro Breaks banger!

Funk Beats - Teknatronik

Nothing is fresher than the funk beats in this track !

Teknatronik - Moving Your Earballs


Reactivation - Bizkit

This track is absolutely a party starter ! Lots of energy and electro breaks sure to be a hit !

Flat - Teknatronik

You will do anything but flatline to the awesome breaks in this slamming club track!

Teknatronik - Diggity (Original Mix)

K G B, Teknatronik - Dark Minds

Touch My Body - Teknatronik

A club hit with hard breaks and bass! This is a great track with a unique element of surprise !

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Trance Mix)

New Orleans' Dan the Man's 2012 trance mix of Tears of Technology's epic tune "I Can Feel It".

Teknatronik - KGB - Shift Phasing

Teknatronik - Diggity ( K G B REMIX )

The Switch - Decibel Nation

House Music - Decibel Nation

Teknatronik - Got Body