New Releases

Teknatronik - Heart - Rogue Ai Remix

Drum and Bass Remix of Heart

K G B - Activate ( Original Mix )

Florida Breakbeat/Orlando Breaks

Pascal-S - Playground - Superflex Feat Floor Hansen (Club Version)

Trance Music by Superflex

Tears of Technology - I Can Feel It (Brekbeat Mix)

This is the 2012 remastered version of "I Can Feel It". Solid breaks boom as a powerful epic melody is played in unison.

Teknatronik - Syk Gaim


Run Riot - Upon Your Enemy Ft Doll (Teknatronik I Love Miami Remix)

Florida Breaks/ Breaks

Scratche - Weird Science (Teknatronik's Lab Remix)

Infernal - Pumping (Teknatronik Remix)

Breaks Remix, another club banger with retro vocals.

Tears of Technology - 504 - Teknatronik's Breaks and Beats Remix

Breakbeat Remix of 504 bringing Florida and New Orleans together for this Broken Banger

Mice Elf - Teknatronik

Breaks and Trance wrapped into one package!

Roller - Teknatronik

Some old school spice with some new school flavor !

Teknatronik - KGB - Shift Phasing

Dj Ultimate Bass-World of Trance Feat. Stuffin Vain ( Teknatronik's Breaking Bad Remix)

Teknatronik - Tweetle ( K G B REMIX )

K G B, Teknatronik - Dark Minds

Teknatronik, K G B - Smiley


Teknatronik, K G B - Break em to pieces

Come Into My Dream - Agape Leone

Breaks Remix